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Clinical Trials

What are clinical trails?

Clinical trials are used to determine the most effective and safest treatment for a disease.  These trials typically occur over many years and each one requires significant funding to administer.  For more information on pediatric clinical trials, please visit:

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How important are clinical trials?

Survival rates have increased 50% over the past five decades due in large part to higher participation in pediatric clinical trials.  Today, about 90% of children with the most common types of cancer will live, but there are many other types of cancers with limited treatment options.


Why Donate to Vie for the Kids?

First, our team is comprised of volunteers.  We do not use donations to pay for salaries or other costly administrative expenses, so more of your money goes directly to where it is needed the most - the pediatric oncology clinics treating kids.  Second, we live in Connecticut and we support pediatric oncology clinics based in Connecticut to ensure our kids get the care and treatment they need right here in our own backyard.

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